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blowjobs are for minutes but diamonds are forever.
08 August 2020 @ 12:24 am

comment to be added or just add me. i'm cool with about anything.

actually, don't just randomly add me without a comment. you don't have to know whether i was born in the year of the rooster or the monkey (...but rooster would be right.) or whether i prefer my tea with one lump of sugar or two (i... only drink iced tea lol.). but unless we've spoken on omona/twitter or through fic or something, please don't add me without telling me who you are/why you're friending me. it's just... weird, you know? so uh. please don't do it. :(

(comments are screened.)
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blowjobs are for minutes but diamonds are forever.
so in keeping with my pretty nomadic habits on the interwebs, this account will potentially be abandoned relatively soon. it's kind of obvious that kpop is nowhere as near a big deal to me as it was some months ago and i kind of don't think i'll go back to it, and this account has been pm kpopkpopkpop these past 2-ish years. (and, well, i may casually pay attention to it and write fic for 2PM because i'm for some reason so inclined, but whatever.) i'm also rather... tired of this account after having it for ~4 years, i guess even though i paid $15 for this name once upon a time lakdsjffs anyway, as of now, i will be seeing how it feels to move to a new account and maybe i'll stay there, maybe i'll keep using this one. or this might become a fandom only account or something to that effect. either way, i probably won't be here very often. so yeah. i'll be at kkeut which you're free to friend/ignore/block/whatever.

bye for now!

p.s. my layout is such a mess. :( i tried to fix it like the one at kkeut but there's all kind of shit going in my posts and everything that makes it look ugly. o whale.
blowjobs are for minutes but diamonds are forever.
26 February 2011 @ 02:30 pm
so let me just take a moment to scream over the fact that duke invited me to the black student alliance invitational and blue devil days,


okay. um, i know that it's not a guaranteed in or anything, but in the brochure itself it says that i'm an excellent candidate for acceptance, etc. etc. so i'm allowing myself a tiny glimmer of hope. it's kind of nice to know that busting my ass over grades, being frustrated over our school system, and all that might've been worth it. but sadly i can't attend BSAI because i have a convention to go to and as president i'm obligated to be there lakdsjfldkfj. plus, our sponsors' disappointment would probably kill me. :( and john legend will be at BSAI so that's like rubbing salt in the wound. :( :(

anyway, i have the ridiculous task of reading ~10 books before the AP test because my english teacher gave us a practice essay and i hadn't read any of the books on this list and that cannot happen on the actual AP test or i will probably burst into tears. i recognized a lot of the books by name but they'd never been assigned to me, and i hadn't read them on my own because i figured one of my teachers would eventually make me read it. i guess not. :| so right now i'm reading moby dick, i need to read 1984, the red badge of courage, paradise lost, etc.

oh, and i bought this beautiful thing last weekend, but i have no pictures of it, so.

it's basically this huge collection of different sketchbooks with an emphasis on graffiti artists and hnnnngh it is gawjus. well worth the money i spent on it, and i still haven't made it all the way through. it kind of makes me want to take up art again.

ETA: by the way gogoparty  your card is coming, i just haven't gotten the stamps and shit. :( and it will clearly be a valentine's day/st. patrick's day card because what is sending things promptly.
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sound: all of the lights - kanye west + 23293847 other ppl
blowjobs are for minutes but diamonds are forever.
30 January 2011 @ 11:27 pm
don't you ever miss elementary school when everyone used to make a little mailbox and give out valentine's day cards and you got that warm, fuzzy feeling of being loved even if it was by a little first grader who ate glue and you thought had the cooties? probably not, but i do, so...

valentine's day cards!

i'm sending them. if you want one, please comment with your name (or alias if you'd prefer), address, and anything special you'd like for me to draw or whatever in/on your card. i won't use your address for any creepy purposes (in fact, i'll probably delete the comments to this after i'm done) and all comments are screened.
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blowjobs are for minutes but diamonds are forever.
13 January 2011 @ 03:49 pm
 so yeah, i finally made that move on twitter that i was thinking about.

@celski  → @cordites
and it's not one of my usual 23894720 name changes, it's a full account move. i will probably change my name on the new account to celski again, unless i decide to figure out why i can't just have the name cordite. :| so if you had me added on the old one and you'd like to add my new one, please feel free to do so. likewise, unfollow my old one if you want, and if you decide to not follow the new one or whatever, no hard feelings! i didn't add a few people as soon as i moved because i'm not all that sure they want to follow me anymore. but i just felt like it was easier to move because i was following at least 40 or so people that i never spoke to/didn't seem to particularly like me anyway lolol and i found myself walking on eggshells a lot. so hurrah to a brand new start i guess.

anyway, i bought my dad a singing card and the last exorcism for his birthday tomorrow. i spent like an hour in walmart trying to figure out what movie he hadn't already watched that seemed good all while convincing myself not to get a movie that i secretly want. orz

ETA: so i'm @celski again. but it's still a new account because i renamed my old one @stereoporn and just. IDK, I AM THE MOST ANNOYING THING ON THE FACE OF THE PLANET. ;A;
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blowjobs are for minutes but diamonds are forever.
10 December 2010 @ 10:56 am
hi. this is a post almost exclusively for the sake of using my new icon even though it's my default. please take the time to look at it and bask in the presence of shaun's godly hair.

okay, not really, i'm waiting for a ride since i've been done with my anatomy/physiology exam for two hours lolol. my last exam is monday and i will probably kill myself trying to study for it over the weekend because it's calculus, which has pretty much bent me over and made me its bitch to be blunt. :( i took a test yesterday and realized this morning that i've been screwing up my rate of change equations lasflsjf. but whatever.

next week is my last week and i'm so excited that i can hardly contain myself. other than monday it's an easy week because i only go for half a day, and i'm so appreciative. lately i've been feeling like i'm the butt of one very mean prank orchestrated by the entire universe. over the break i will pretty much be writing essays for apps since i haven't started a single essay yet lmao and fic since i want to get back into the swing of things. i feel like a very clumsy writer at the moment, and it sucks. :(

andandand i'm so excited for sho and everyone else, but especially sho because he's so excited to be skiing so much again and i'm so happy for him that i could weep giant crocodile tears! ;____; ever since that one webcast he and jordan did i've become so fond of him and it helps that he's ridiculously hot, like i don't even and he's nice to talk to. and did i mention that he's hot. because he is. like really.
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blowjobs are for minutes but diamonds are forever.
05 October 2010 @ 09:16 pm

i want in his pants. and i almost don't care if he's in them as well because i love those pants and i want a pair. ;____; i need to indulge in my love for animal print one of these days but i went shopping some weeks ago and senior year is ridiculously expensive, WHY DID NO ONE TELL ME THIS. i legit feel bad for all the things my parents are having to pay for and i'd like a job to help out but i am 105% sure i couldn't handle it at the moment. :(

tbh this year is scary in general, though. i have my math level 1 and lit subject SATs saturday and lsdkjfaljsdf i am going to fail math, i'm certain! orz i'm shit at lower level math so idk what the hell i was thinking since math level 2 has all the more recent material. and i still might be retaking the actual SATs? i don't know if it's worth it but my math score is low for duke and that's important, okay. ;n;

sighs. in an ideal world everyone gets accepted to their dream college with minimal effort, scholarships are as easy as submitting your name, and there are no such things as application fees. :( :(
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blowjobs are for minutes but diamonds are forever.
25 September 2010 @ 03:15 pm

i love cosmetic so much, it doesn't even make sense. mao, you perfect thing, how is it that you're thirty... ish. ;____;

school is pretty much eating away at my life right now. i get home, do homework, sometimes mess around on the internet, and go to sleep. also, i'm averaging about four hours of sleep every night sobs. the only class i'm legit worried about is calculus, though. i got a 51 on my last set of free response questions and they are twenty percent of my grade ha ha ha...

actually, i should be devoting my weekend to getting ahead on schoolwork, but ontaekey love triangle is calling me and i really want to finish it anyway. yes, i prioritize wonderfully, i know.
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blowjobs are for minutes but diamonds are forever.
as of like, nine-something-in-the-morning on sunday i will be on my way to the beach. i want to be excited about this, but i'm not. i haven't honestly been excited about vacation since i was about 13, maybe. :| but i'll make the best of it anyway; it shouldn't be too bad this year. i'm kind of sad that i'll miss netherlands/spain match and key's concept photo, though. ;-;

in other news, i really wish i had a car/a job or something, because i don't want to go back to school but i'm so fucking bored alkjfaslfj. i legit sleep until 12 and then... idek what i do for the rest of my day. i just know that i'm bored. orz
feel: bored
blowjobs are for minutes but diamonds are forever.
09 June 2010 @ 01:00 pm
guess who made an omelette today! \o/


it had bacon and onions on the inside and cheese on the inside and outside (it hadn't fully melted when i took this picture .-.) and i'm pretty sure i left it in the pan a little too long because i didn't know what i was doing lol. but it was delicious. i should've poured syrup over it though :|
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